What is a United Way Employee Campaign?

It’s inevitable, at some point in your career you will be asked to join the office party-planning committee. To some, it is an honor to join the ranks of the highly coveted inner-office social team – providing a needed break from reality and work, for some donuts and Christmas party planning. To others, it’s one more meeting to begrudgingly attend.
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Superheroes Abundant in Bismarck-Mandan – Volunteers, Donors and Advocates

You may have seen our new commercials on television (If not check them out below). They’re inspired by you. We know you don’t need special powers, superhuman strength or fancy gadgets to be a superhero. You’re everywhere – volunteers, donors and advocates lending your voices, giving of your time and resources, and changing lives.

Here’s our proof. Thanks to you:

Let’s talk about Bullying in Bismarck-Mandan

Take yourself back to middle school for a moment, who was getting bullied, who were the bullies? Maybe you were the bully, maybe you were bullied, perhaps you witnessed the act or stood up for a classmate. You remember, and the simple fact that you do ten, twenty, thirty or more years later, illustrates the severe impact bullying can have.

Coins for a Cause – Students Improving Students’ Literacy

This past school year, more than 35 percent of low-income students in Bismarck and Mandan were not meeting third grade reading proficiency levels. Research indicates that failure to reach this benchmark makes children four times less likely to graduate from high school on time.
Knowing those numbers, MSA United Way will hosts it’s annual Coins for a Cause fundraiser in schools throughout the Bismarck-Mandan community to raise money for United Way’s Imagination Library. The event will run from Sept. 22 through Oct. 3.

United Way Success Stories – Getting Cancer Survivors on their Feet

Cancer, it’s a disease that affects us all. If we’re lucky, we’ll not be directly affected.
According to the US National Cancer Institute, 44 percent of all males and 38 percent of all females in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and the American Cancer Society reports, nearly 1 in 20 North Dakota residents is a cancer survivor.

MSA United Way is accepting applications for funding

MSA United Way is currently accepting applications for funding for the 2015 funding cycle. Applications may be submitted under United Way’s three initiative areas: Education, Income, and Health. Each initiative works toward long-term, community-wide outcomes that aim for the root of the problem to support the building blocks for a good life.