Little Black Dress Campaign

The week of

September 20-23, 2021

Women United and friends lead a poverty awareness campaign, Little Black Dress, with more than two hundred women each wearing a black dress or outfit for four days, along with a goal to raise $500 each and a team goal of $1,500.

The funds raised are used to fund the education initiative of the United Way and focused on keeping families in their homes, making sure kids are able to get to school and learn, as well as finding mentors for these students.

The last six years, United Way's Women United has raised over $300,000 through the LIttle Black Dress Campaign. Funds support United Way's Education Initiative helping women and children to overcome the barriers of poverty so they are successful in school and in life. The participants have also donated over 250 business outfits to the Abused Adult Resource Center's Career Closet.!

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Monday, September 20 at 10 a.m. through Thursday, September 23 at 8 p.m.

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What does the $300,000 raised by this amazing group of ladies do?

  • Allows struggling readers in Kindergarten through Third Grade to get intensive, research-based tutoring.
  • Ensures children get a designated mentor that meets with them for an hour each week.
  • Provides a case manager to work with hundreds of children to de-escalate conflict and develop the personal skills necessary to reduce inter-personal conflict in the future.
  • Helps caring case workers spend thousands of hours addressing the barriers to a good education and a stable family caused by poverty, mental illness, unemployment, homelessness, and more.

Low income students working with United Way’s Education Initiative were 20% more likely to be able to read at grade level, 27% more likely to be meeting math benchmarks and 18% more likely to be meeting reading benchmarks than low income students without these services.

What is the problem?

  • One in five people living in Bismarck-Mandan do not have enough money to meet their basic needs. That means they're  <200% of the poverty level.
  • Every student who does not complete high school costs our society an estimated $260,000 in lost earnings, taxes and productivity.
  • Only 35 percent of youth in Bismarck-Mandan feel they have a positive adult role model.
Rosemarie Kuntz
Alexis Bullinger
Jessica Denby
Karen Jacobus
Marvin Lein
Tanya Mendoza
Jillian Lagasse
April Schauer
Carlynn Faris
Courtney Vollan
Val Milicevic
Shelby Grothier
Jessica Cottingham-Hardy
DeAnna Gratz
Deb Hauff
Colette Ronderos
Shari Werner
Heather Nelsen
Lisa McMillan
Steph Schafer
Lynn Hanson
Cindy Schaaf
Kadee Hande
Anna Schwieters
Renee Daffinrud 
Lindsey Throndset
Joana Flemmer
Naomi Keney 
Brittany Peterson
Destiny Voth
Amy Mazigian
Christa Schwartzenberger
Shasta Held
Ann Braun
Tammy Skogen
Stephanie Bohn
Mandy Gienger
Bobbie Larson
Brandy Jurgens
Kelsey Dahl
Courtney Berger
Ashley Farthing
Paulette Albrecht
Jodi Wilson
Nicci Shetler
Missy Lamp
Lisa Slaughter
Amanda Enriquez
Betty Kirschmann
Ashley Keller
Suzann Sweeney
Morgan Huber
Zoe Wergeland Manstrom
Jena Gullo
Alisha Huizenga
Mary Hutzenbuhler
Julie Schirado
Lori Ledahl
Brittney Alexander       
Jay Steckler
Jennifer Pittenger
Jill Vollmer
Kalyn Berger
Cammie Cordon
Mary Dockter
Annie Gerhardt
Rachel Johnson Krug
Lark Welch
Jill Nustad
Jessica Smith
Joanne Lassiter
Jenna Herman
Mary Beth Johnson
Susan Weigum
Billie Madler
Katie Mathern
Natalie Eckes 
Amber Boehm 
Laura Sandberg 
Sarah Getzlaff
Allie McGrath
Sandy Telehey
Lindsey Keller 
Brandy Coughlin
Brandie Lang 
Brittany Henke
Ronda Assel
RaeAnne Smykowski
Jackie Lannoye
McKayla Nielsen
Madi Chrest
Nicole Lewis
Amy Carlson
Lauren Dunnigan
Celeste Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Katherine Pustejovsky

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Sample text - The Little Black Dress Campaign is a poverty awareness event led by United Way's Women United. During the week of Sept. 16-19, we will be wearing one black outfit to illustrate the effects poverty can have on one’s access to resources, confidence, and ability to obtain employment, while raising funds for women and children in our community.

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