Why Do We Give?

It’s that time of year again that families start to plan for the holidays. Where will Thanksgiving and Christmas be hosted? When should we celebrate? How can we make everyone happy? What should we get our loved ones? The list of questions and stressors go on and on and yet we continue to do it to ourselves year after year.

It’s also around this time of year that we all start getting into the giving spirit. We put ourselves aside to focus on others. Why is this? Why do we, in the midst of all the chaos, decide we want to do more?!

There are several reasons that make us feel fulfilled through giving. Here are a few:

  • It is one of the MOST rewarding experiences.
  • It is a moment to recognize and feel grateful for the things you do have.
  • It is about making someone else feel loved and important.
  • It is about teaching our children the importance of generosity and helping others.
  • It is about putting ourselves in someone else’s situation and giving them hope.
  • It is about challenging your beliefs and opinions.

Giving is many things and different for everyone. It’s what resonates with you and no matter who you are, you can give something – money, time, encouragement, love – they are all important!

A few weeks ago one of the individuals staying at United Way’s Emergency Homeless Shelter stopped with a rose for each staff member. It was thoughtful and sweet, and that act of kindness showed us you can have nothing at all and make a difference! He has very little, but his gift made a HUGE impact on us.

United Way does a lot of amazing work in our local communities, but that work cannot be done without the support of great business partners and compassionate individuals like you. It’s because of you that we are able to serve over 1,100 backpacks to children every weekend to ensure they do not go hungry. It’s because of you that we’ve helped provide emergency shelter to over 450 clients and connect them to necessary resources since March 2018. It’s because of you that the abused and troubled youth have safe places to go.

You are the reason for our success and because of you we are working tirelessly to end childhood hunger and homelessness!

Continue to help United Way keep our most vulnerable population safe during their darkest times.

Volunteer your time to the less fortunate in our community, educate your neighbors of the work being done, and GIVE TODAY to help continue to support United Way.