May Your Backpack Always Be Full

This beautiful story is re-posted with permission from the author, Mrs. Fischer from Grimsrud Elementary and showcases the impact of the United Way Backpack Program.

The place: My Classroom
The Day: Friday
The Time: Afternoon
Me: Talking to no one and everyone, in particular

After what seemed to be one of the longest weeks ever, I was taking attendance and just said, “Whew, I’m so glad it’s Friday,” to no one, really. I’m sure a few kids heard me and just went about their silent reading time. But one heard me and came to my table in the back of the room.

This one said, “Me, too, Mrs. Fischer!”

I said, “Something special going on this weekend?” Expecting an answer like, yeah, we’re going to the street fair, or movies or getting a video game…Boy, was I wrong!

This one replied, “I love Fridays because I get to (get to, mind you) take the backpack full of food home to my family!”

Right then and there I wanted to grab that child, hold on to them forever…apologize to anyone/everyone I ever thought a mean thing about, quit whining about petty stuff, because here in front of me was a nine year old child who was so excited because they get to take home a backpack of food to the family! They will have food for the weekend.

As a couple of tears appeared this one said smiling up at me, “Do you get to take home a backpack, too?”

I said, “Yes, yes I do, but my backpack has some different type of “food” than yours. Mine won’t be as full as yours is.”

This one responded as they hugged me, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Fischer, I bet next week yours will be full too!” and went to their spot and started to read.

I turned around so the kids couldn’t see me because I was crying. And this is what I saw (a photo my dad). Talk about divine intervention, whatever works for you. This picture WAS on top of my taller shelf since school started. Somehow it was down right beside the phone…He must have known it’s been a heck of a week. Just like the nine year old letting me know that next week my backpack will be full, too. Little does this one know my backpack is already full! I just need to see it, feel it, and love!