Choose A Gift - Change A Life


Gift Differently This Year!

SHARE THE JOY!  When you honor a friend or loved one this holiday season by selecting a life-changing gift from the United Way gift brochure, you’re tripling the joy. JOY for you, JOY for the receiver and huge amounts of JOY in the lives of the people you’re impacting.

Help the people who need it most. The money will go towards programs like sheltering, feeding the hungry, and giving families the best chance at success.

It’s that time of year again that families start to plan for the holidays. Where will Thanksgiving and Christmas be hosted? When should we celebrate? How can we make everyone happy? What should we get our loved ones? The list of questions and stressors go on and on and yet we continue to do it to ourselves year after year.

It’s also around this time of year that we all start getting into the giving spirit. We put ourselves aside to focus on others. Why is this? Why do we, in the midst of all the chaos, decide we want to do more?!

There are several reasons that make us feel fulfilled through giving. Here are a few:

  • It is one of the MOST rewarding experiences.

  • It is a moment to recognize and feel grateful for the things you do have.

  • It is about making someone else feel loved and important.

  • It is about teaching our children the importance of generosity and helping others.

  • It is about putting ourselves in someone else’s situation and giving them hope.

  • It is about challenging your beliefs and opinions.

Giving is many things and different for everyone. It’s what resonates with you and no matter who you are, you can give something – money, time, encouragement, love – they are all important!