Little Black Dress Personal Campaign Setup

Thank you for participating in the Little Black Dress Campaign and raising awareness on poverty issues in our community. Please follow the directions below to create your personal and/or team Little Black Dress Campaign fundraising page.

Step 1. Go here to begin the process. (Please refer back to this page for further instruction on setting up your page.)

Step 2. In the "Title" field, name your page as follows: Your Team or Participant Name's Little Black Dress Campaign

Step 3. In the "Welcome" area you can share a bit about the Little Black Dress Campaign and why you chose to participate.

Sample text - The Little Black Dress Campaign is a poverty awareness event led by United Way's Women United. During the week of Sept. 16-19, we will be wearing one black outfit to illustrate the effects poverty can have on one’s access to resources, confidence, and ability to obtain employment, while raising funds for women and children in our community.

Step 4. Enter your campaign goal. (Team goals are $1,500)

Step 5. Check the "Progress Bar" box if you'd like to include a progress thermometer.

Step 6. In the "Your Message" section tell your supporters who you are, why this matters to you, and why they should support your campaign.

Step 7. Upload a picture (picture can be no larger than 360px X 360px).

Step 8. Check the "Active" box.

Step 9. Upon approval, you will receive an automated email with a link to your page. Share this link with friends, family, and co-workers to gain support for your campaign.

Note: To make changes to your page, contact