10 Reasons to LOVE Your MSA United Way

“The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving.”

– Edwin Louis Cole

Valentine’s Day has us thinking warm & fuzzy thoughts. We polled board members, volunteers, Women United members and United Way staff to collect just a small sampling of reasons to love United Way.


  • United Way brings folks from all walks of life together in the spirit of positive change. You really get to see the results of our community being better when we work together.
  • United Way uplifts, it does not divide.
  • Adopt-a-Classroom!
  • I LOVE United Way because they make children a priority by mentoring and tutoring them, making sure they have meals on the weekends, and by working to ensure every child has a positive role model in their life.
  • Every dollar makes a difference.
  • United Way spurs positive change in my community.
  • Everyone and anyone can get involved.
  • United Way is different. I know that my dollars are being used as efficiently as possible on the needs in the community that are most imminent. I love being a part of the solution and not just another whiny, complaining post on Facebook.
  • Working with Women United and seeing the impact they are making in the classroom, as mentors, and building relationships to make our community one that we are proud to live in.
  • I love being part of making our community a safer and better place to live.

Find what you LOVE about United Way by getting involved. Become a donor, volunteer with a non-profit at http://www.volunteerbisman.com, adopt-a-classroom and become a mentor…the options are endless. Call us at 255-3601 for more information!