Day of Caring

On August 13, more than 1,000 volunteers will spend the day fixing, cleaning, organizing, creating, building, and offering a helping hand to local nonprofits and community-membeDay of Caringrs in need. Sign up for our newsletter or join the event on Facebook to keep up to date on the event, or click one of the buttons below if you'd like to volunteer, propose a project, take on a leadership role as a Project Manager, or offer special skills or resources.




Projects will include work such as, but not limited to:

• Painting
• Fixing
• Remodeling

• Moving
• Building (shelves, planters, fences, ramps, etc.)
• Planting
• Cleaning
• Clearing
• Sorting and packing donations, food pantries, backpacks
• Lawn care for the elderly or disabled

The organization must provide supplies, materials, and equipment for the project and water for the volunteers. A representative from the organization must be present at all Day of Caring preparation meetings. If a person cannot attend they should ask a staff member to sit in. Project Managers must also attend all meetings. Organizations or project mangers that miss more than two meetings will not be asked back the following year.

MSA United Way will recruit and organize volunteers, meetings and kick-off. Volunteers will be asked to supply safety clothing; such as ear plugs, gloves, safety glasses, etc. They must dress appropriately for the job and may be assigned other duties during the day.

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