Sash Sisters

We strive to be a positive role models in our communities, but locally only 35% of youth in Bismarck-Mandan feel they have a positive adult role-model. The poverty cycle is hard to break and the MSA United Way is part of the solution.
Goal $ 500.00
45% towards our goal
$ 225.00 raised

The little black dress campaign is a poverty awareness campaign in which I will wear the same black dress four days in a row. Breaking the cycle of povery is challenging, but with your help, MSA United Way can continue to do more to help women and children overcome the barriers of poverty in our community. I want all our children to be successful in school and in life, but that is challenging if their basic needs are not being met. Together, let's help the one in five Bismarck-Mandan community members that live on less than 200% of the poverty line. 

This team exists beyond the borders of North Dakota and has members in Oregon, Montana, and Missouri. As pageant sash sisters, Janine, Kevi, Janet, Hayley and Dana collectively are bringing awareness in our current communities while fundraising for those in the Bismarck-Mandan area.